Preparing for her first period

Talking to your daughter about periods also means showing her the different types of protection available and helping her choose the best for her. From panty liners to the optimal tampons for easy insertion - being prepared will make this special time a little easier.

Talking about periods is one thing. Familiarising her with the different products available well before the big day arrives will help allay any anxiety she may have.

Introducing panty liners before the period starts

Most girls also experience a clear to white vaginal discharge, which dries and hardens in their underwear, a year or two before their first period. This natural vaginal secretion simply shows that the reproductive organs have begun to work.  

This is a good time to introduce your daughter to personal hygiene during menstruation. When you're speaking to her about the physical changes she is going through, you can explain that vaginal discharge is a completely normal sign of puberty! This will relieve her concerns and help her feel secure. Why not introduce her to panty liners? They will absorb the discharge and help your daughter feel fresh. You can show her how to apply one, simply remove the release paper and press firmly onto the underwear.

During puberty, many girls worry that they will unexpectedly get their first period at an inopportune moment. Panty liners can be used every day and can also be used in anticipation of her first period or when she’s still getting to grips with tampons. Why not try Carefree pantyliners which give 5 freshness benefits -  and those all in one pantyliner.

Getting ready for the big day

You can show your daughter all the available protection options – tampons or pads - well in advance and let her decide which she feels suits her best. This will help her have a positive attitude towards her body’s changes and develop natural feminine self-confidence.

Many girls prefer tampons, because they are discreet, hygienic, give them more freedom of movement and let them enjoy their favourite sport activities even during periods. Besides they don’t cause odours, because in contrary to napkins they catch the blood already inside the body and don’t allow chemical reactions with the air. You can reassure her that’s it’s fine to use them even from her very first time! And we also understand that you might be worried yourself, as after all she is still so young, but it is no problem. Especially o.b.® ProComfort™ Mini is designed to be suitable for young girls. And it is very unlikely that her hymen could be destroyed. Owing to the hormonal changes that always precede the first period, the hymen, which is located at the front bottom of the vaginal opening, will have become a soft, stretchy skin fold, so that smaller tampon sizes like Mini or Normal can usually be used without any problems.

You can order the o.b.® Starter Kit for Teens, which contains a trial pack of Mini and Normal o.b.® ProComfort™ tampons. The kit also includes the “My Diary” leaflet, a free sample of Carefree® panty liners and a period calendar.  

Keeping track with o.b. menstrual calendar!

The menstrual cycle is often still irregular in the first few years after it appears. It usually settles down with time and after a few years most girls will have a regular cycle. Your daughter may find it helpful to keep track of her periods using a period calendar, right from the start! We have a brand new, practical menstrual calendar now – available on the website and as a mobile app.

Should we visit a doctor?

As periods are completely healthy, there is no need to visit the doctor just because your daughter has started her periods. However, this is a time to keep your daughter’s vaccinations up to date. The HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination is recommended for girls between 12 and 17. It helps protect against cervical cancer and should be given before the first instance of sexual intercourse. See your doctor for more information on this and other vaccines.